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Water Damage Testimonials

Very Happy with the services. I came home to 6 inches of water in my basement and family room. SERVPRO had it cleaned up in no time. Very professional, special thanks to Jeremy and Cam who came the first night at midnight, and stayed till 4:30am getting rid of the water. I would highly recommend them. 

Phil has been a godsend. He's very professional, detail oriented and a hard worker. JT is a wonderful Project Manager and Diana in the office is a joy. Highly recommended.

I cannot say enough good things about SERVPRO of Bridgewater.. Back in January, we had ice dams and water coming into our house in 4 different areas in our home, which resulted in filing a very LARGE insurance claim. The owner came out, checked every wall (literally every wall I wanted him to check). We found out we also had asbestos in a couple ceilings so prior to SERVPRO doing their work we had to have a separate company remove those. Once SERVPRO started we initially thought there was going to be 4 rooms impacted. By the time we were done, there were a total of about 10 areas. As they were opening up walls they were VERY thorough to ensure that they weren't just checking the '4 room box'. I was SO grateful to have them. They worked tirelessly until they were able to confidently say we had pulled all the areas that had been damaged. Treated for mold. I am 8 months pregnant with a toddler and am a stay at home mother so I was there the entire time they were working. They were detailed, clean and their communication on the process was wonderful. Brian the lead was amazing and detailed. I'm so grateful they took the time to ensure that the work was done right the first time. 

As this was being done, we had yet another flooding issue this March (the large storm that hit south shore). We had no power for 4 days, our sump pump went out and had about 16 inches of water fill our basement, with no generator.. we were desperate to get the water out of our basement. The owner was SO amazing and talked me through the mess over the weekend, even though he had many other homes he was helping with all the flooding in the areas. The following week he had his guys out drying everything out and treating mold. He truly went above and beyond to help us despite the massive amount of people who were also being impacted. 

I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who is needing a good company.

Your employee was extremely pleasant and accommodating!

Very Professional Service

Keep up the great work that you do

Great Customer Service, Perfect!

Great job! Thank you very much

" Incredibly courteous, timely & professional"

Very Pleased with the work!

SERVPRO workers are very nice and very caring.

Incredibly courteous, timely & proffessional

Awesome work!

Very pleased and very helpful. Answered every question throughly.