Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Puff Back - Plymouth, MA

The walls had seem dirty to this homeowner, and no matter what she seemed to do, nothing made it better. After hiring a painter, he informed her that what she w... READ MORE

Puff Back - Norfolk, MA

When this homeowner had awoken the house had felt chilly to him, so he turned on the heat. 15 minutes later he heard what sounded like a backfiring of a car, an... READ MORE

Grease Fire-Plymouth, MA

A fire needs 3 things to burn, heat, oxygen and fuel. A fire will keep growing until one of those are removed. However no situation is perfect and it's good to ... READ MORE

Microwave Fire- Brockton, MA

these days a Microwave oven can be found in most homes. While they are generally safe to use, sometimes disaster can strike without warning. A family member w... READ MORE

Puff Back - Raynham, MA

Many people have never heard of a puff back or what it means. A puff back usually occurs when an oil burner back fires, sending a plume of soot throughout your ... READ MORE

Dryer Fire - Marshfield, MA

Washer and dryers are a part of almost every home. they are vital to most families day to day living. Unfortunately this wonderful household appliance can cause... READ MORE

Large Loss at a Local High School

There was a fire in this brand new gym! With the building near completion, a fire in the storage closet unit of the gym generated a considerable amount of soot ... READ MORE